Frequently Asked Questions

This is where our consultant or kitchen fitter has inspected your kitchen and deemed the kitchen not suitable for refurbishment/facelift. Then our team (fully dismantle your old kitchen units and) start building a purpose built self designed complete, brand new kitchen containing  new units, cupboards, drawers, counter tops as well as new appliances if required.

Facelift kitchens are when the main units aren’t removed as they are deemed to be still in good condition therefore only the cupboard doors, cupboard drawer fronts, handles, counter tops, panels are replaced. In other words we replace what can be seen to give you a fresh new look!

The average time is 2.5 days (once the made to measure doors from the manufacturer have been delivered).

As already mentioned, if the base units are in good condition it is possible to save money, time and weeks of inconvenience by way of a kitchen facelift as the units won’t be replaced. Many customers decide to start from scratch as they want to completely redesign their kitchen and aren’t too concerned regarding the additional money to be spent. However if it is only a newer fresher look that’s required then a facelift is fine. Savings of 70% are possible by having a kitchen facelift as opposed to a newly fitted kitchen.

Yes. Our team of designers and fitters are available to assist you from inception to completion to design your new beautifully built kitchen.

Indeed we do. We are experts in designing, building, installing new complete kitchens and b0athrooms.

We can build/install all types of kitchen & bathroom worktop/counter tops including granite worktops, whether you’re using our facelift or complete kitchen redesign service. Please review our worktop range here.

Yes certainly. We will be happy to assist you to upgrade your kitchen appliances. Looking for a new single/double oven, hob, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washer dryer or microve, we can source from pretty much any manufacturer and will work with you to find the ideal appliance for your needs.

No! Consultations are free!  We believe that our customer service, in-your-home consultations are number one and that our kitchens are even better – top drawer (excuse the pun)!

Interested in booking a FREE no obligation consultation or would like further information, please call us on; 0800 246 5340 or contact us via email we will be happy to answer your questions.

You pay 50%, deposit once all has been agreed, contracts signed, job order has been booked in, the balance is payable on completion.

We provide the best warranties on kitchens in the UK! They are between 8 and (an incredible) 10 years! That is certainly reassuring.